Five Days Married & Other Laments Song and Dance from Northern Greece 1928-1958

Featuring sublime and unhinged music rarely heard outside of Northern Greece and Southern Albania, the performances presented in this collection span the range of plaintive, ancient dirges to hypnotic, droning dance pieces. The style, repertoire, and songs from this isolated region are unearthly in their euphonic appeal. Most of the sides on this LP have not been issued since they were originally pressed on 78 rpm disc. A deep set of notes is accompanied by comprehensive lyrical translations as well as original artwork by R. Crumb. Respectfully crafted by Christopher King and Susan Archie for Angry Mom Records.

Original Artwork by Robert Crumb. 14 Songs with Deluxe Gatefold LP

A Long Gone Sound Production for Angry Mom Records. AMA-03. Part of the "How The Other Half Hears" Sound Series.